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Adebayo Aremu

​Why did you choose the KCA Deutag Graduate Development Programme?

My choice of KCA Deutag was based on two things. Firstly, there was something different in a very attractive way about the people I met before I joined the company. I first came into contact with KCA Deutag at a career fair in Aberdeen, where it stood out amongst over 100 companies because the recruiting staff came across as genuine and made me comfortable with their approach.  I kept thinking I wouldn't mind being one of these people. Secondly, the development and exposure on offer at the time aligned very well with my plans for a career in drilling while being able to add immediate value to the teams I would be part of. Furthermore, one of my university class mates had also joined KCA Deutag a year earlier and his positive experience made it clear to me that this would be an excellent choice.


Describe life on the programme?
Life on the programme was challenging and fast paced.  It required a quick transition from cleaning mud tanks, carrying out a derrick inspection, handling slips, tongs and drill pipe in muddy coveralls and a hard hat, to suiting up for the office or getting ready for training courses. Life on the programme also involved a high level of interaction and communication with the full spectrum of employees, in different parts of the world from roustabouts to members of the company’s executive management team.

What was the highlight of the programme?
The highlight of the programme was my transition into my first managerial role as Assistant Rig Manager on the Ben Rinnes, a LeTourneau class 53 jack-up rig, operating in Gabon.   

What experience did you gain?
My experience is numerous from hard skills on the theory and practice of drilling wells and drilling equipment to soft skills on communicating effectively, motivating teams, managing from a distance and coping with several cultures. There was always something new.


What was your biggest challenge?
One of the biggest challenges I faced was blending into new cultures.  This required a flexible approach to enable me to adapt to new environments effectively.

What do you hope to achieve from your future with KCA Deutag?
I hope to continue to develop my career with the company by building up my skills and gaining more exposure to the different functions within our business by taking on new roles.

What advice would you offer to new graduates?
Work hard to prove your originality and what you are made of. Take an active role in your own development and make the most of all the tools available to you for doing this such as the mentors and coaches.

Interesting fact: During the assessment centre I took 7 international candidates on a night out to see Aberdeen.  I had no idea this simple gesture would be the foundation for forming great friendships for years to come.