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Business and services

KCA Deutag is a leading provider of premium rig services, specialist engineering and design and land rig manufacture for the international oil and gas industry. Our breadth of services distinguishes us from the vast majority of international drilling contractors.


KCA Deutag owns and operates a fleet of 53 high quality land rigs ranging from highly mobile units to large rigs capable of drilling extended reach wells. We operate in a wide range of environments, including the extreme temperatures of the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.

We have an ongoing rig building and upgrade programme which develops new and innovative rig designs helping us deliver our vision of operating safely, succeeding globally.

We are also innovating the software and hardware of our existing rigs to improve performance and deliver value through cost efficient well construction.

In addition, we offer the rental of a wide portfolio of high quality drilling and production equipment, maintained and certified in accordance with recognised industry standards and KCA Deutag's own worldwide standards. Our Equipment Rentals brochure can be found here.

“KCA Deutag has a strong track record in delivering value for our clients through cost effective well construction.  Our focus is on meeting our clients’ goals for their drilling projects, whilst ensuring safe, effective, trouble-free operations. Our presence in most key energy regions and our focus on developing local personnel means we are well placed to continue to successfully deliver for our clients whilst developing local value and skills in the countries in which we operate.”

Simon Drew,
President of Land


With over 40 years of platform drilling experience, KCA Deutag is one of the world's largest platform services operators.

Today we are responsible, either directly or through our affiliates, for managing drilling and maintenance operations on 26 offshore platforms across the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, Canada and West Africa.  In addition, we are also contracted to manage operations and maintenance on two Gusto CJ70 Jack Ups, operating in the Norwegian North Sea.

Unrivalled knowledge and expertise

We have formalised a pragmatic approach to deliver safe, effective, trouble-free platform drilling operations across our blue chip client base. This approach, coupled with; our unrivalled knowledge of delivering platform wells, extensive experience in asset and rig equipment management, together with a fresh perspective on working with the main service providers, places KCA Deutag in a unique position to offer innovative solutions which deliver value and exceptional performance.

Delivery of complete end to end drilling facilities' solutions

The drilling facilities for many of our platforms have been designed by our global specialist engineering division RDS. Many of these projects combine the experience of operations experts with specialists in rig design, to offer complete end to end solutions. Working closely in this manner allows us to deliver integrated solutions through the concept stage, design and build and onto operations, maintenance and engineering support.

Comprehensive experience in plug and abandonment projects

Over recent years, KCA Deutag has delivered significant plug and abandonment scopes. These have required proactive rig operations and maintenance activities as well as rig modifications. We have made a progressive effort to establish collaborative working relationships with service providers to increase efficiency and reduce operating time per well.  Our track record for P&A operations is comprehensive, and our onshore and offshore workforce is therefore very familiar with P&A regulations, planning and execution.

Delivery Focused

It is frequently said that "companies make contracts and people make business".  To ensure effective collaboration both must be aligned. We believe that strong collaborative working relationships enable the successful delivery of well objectives. The way in which we work has evolved from one of managed support for our clients to one of aligned objectives so that we work as one team.

Planning For Success

KCA Deutag firmly believes that the path to success is through delivering trouble-free operations that are well planned so that we get the job right the first time, and every time. This includes ensuring that we have a highly competent team in place which is involved and committed right from the start.

In practical terms, we believe that low NPT is a key "driver" in securing consistently high performance and well delivery. A vital element of delivering low NPT is equipment reliability. We have invested heavily in new technology and data collection capability to enable us to plan and successfully execute maintenance programmes, based on the inherent condition of the equipment in use. This allows us to plan and undertake maintenance with minimal interruption to the ongoing operation and avoid any failures which could impact performance.

A Strong Safety Culture

Safety is of paramount importance to the group and our priority is incident free operations, where nobody gets hurt and we don't harm the environment.  These beliefs are visible through our HSE Policy and Worldwide HSE Standards:

  • We routinely deliver best in class performance and are widely recognised for delivering safe operations
  • Our behavioural safety programs are focused on reducing all incidents, recordable or not, to zero
  • We believe that maintaining a highly skilled and motivated work force is key to eliminating all incidents
  • Our front line safety tools are simple and fit for purpose

“We consciously choose not to allow luck to play a part in delivering safe, effective, trouble-free drilling operations. This approach of delivering day-by-day, section-by-section and well-by-well takes commitment, belief and passion to succeed. Our range of key clients demonstrates our strong reputation which is supported by the work we do to deliver drilling operations The KCA Deutag Way.”

Rune Lorentzen, 
President of Offshore


RDS is the world's leading rig design and engineering specialist.  Our highly skilled project teams work with many of the major oil and gas companies and also the major topside contractors and fabricators to deliver world class drilling facilities for some of the most challenging oilfields and locations.  

As an integral part of the KCA Deutag group, our core business is to deliver a comprehensive drilling facilities engineering service at every stage of design, engineering, construction and modification; using the expertise of our engineers and operations experts to ensure the end product is capable of delivering safe, effective, trouble-free operations.  Through our global offices in Aberdeen, Baku, Bergen, Houston, London and St. John’s (Canada) we are well positioned to deliver project work anywhere in the world. 

Our services include:

Engineering design for new-builds: RDS' primary focus is large, harsh environment platform drilling rigs and drilling packages for mobile drilling units. Our greenfield capabilities can take a project from drawing board concept stage into front end engineering design (FEED) and through detailed design, including specification and management of the procurement of drilling equipment.

Rig reactivation or modification: Whether a minor piping reconfiguration or an entire rig reactivation, an offshore platform or land rig, RDS provides engineering services throughout all stages of a brownfield project. We support brownfield modifications in many countries from our offices in Aberdeen, Bergen and Baku.

Conceptual engineering and consultancy: RDS provides enhanced focus on the earliest phase of major projects through a group of experts who specialise in the delivery of high quality concept studies. This team also offers drilling facilities and drilling operations consultancy services which can be applied in a variety of scenarios and across all types of rigs.

Construction and commissioning support:
 RDS provides specialist drilling input during the construction and commissioning phases of new-build and modification projects. Our approach is to assemble a team that works in an integrated manner alongside the shipyard or topside contractor. This team is responsible for assisting the client in the delivery of a drill rig ready and safe to begin drilling operations.

For more information please visit our website at


Bentec is a leading global manufacturer of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment. It designs and manufactures state-of-the-art, high-quality and cost-effective drilling rigs as well as a range of equipment which include top drives.   These are able to operate in all environments, from the desert to the arctic. 

Headquartered in Bad Bentheim in Germany, Bentec’s manufacturing facility extends over 110,000 m² and includes 13,000 m² of fully equipped covered workshops – enough to commission and test rigs for complete turnkey projects. 

Production and service workshops in Europe and the Middle East guarantee service support around the globe. For further information please visit our website at

“Our technologies and products continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. However, it is our people who shape and drive our future achievements. Both our employees and our company are characterised by confidence, inventiveness and determination – the decisive factors in Bentec’s continuous success in the drilling equipment market.”

Thorsten Dirks
Managing Director Bentec


Kenera brings together RDS and Bentec into one business unit, leveraging the KCA Deutag DNA to not only continue to deliver and expand current offerings to key customers in core markets, but also allow us to actively play our role in the energy transition. 

Kenera will have three dedicated segments covering innovative services, technology & engineering, and manufacturing, and has been established to deliver the Group's strategic growth aspirations in current and new markets for both the traditional oilfield and renewable energy space.

    • Innovating with Services, Technology and Engineering, and Manufacturing

    • Bringing together over 130 years of experience and industry expertise

    • Delivering customer-centric solutions in hydrocarbons and renewables  

    • Creating value through growth opportunities for all our stakeholders 

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