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+veDRILL™ Insight

+veDRILL™ Insight  
Our Insight data analytics tools evaluate and analyse performance to continuously improve operations.
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Year-on-year tripping speed improvements of around 100ft/hr have been recorded in one of our country operations – resulting in 10% more bit on bottom time or $400k saved per well 


Over one year in Oman, a data enabled performance improvement initiative achieved production 22 days earlier than planned, via faster and more streamlined rig moves.

Our products


Intelligent Analytics Driving Operational Performance

AI-enabled Drilling Activity Reports

Identification of systemic operational issues and opportunities to reduce invisible lost time

Turns data into value
Reduces invisible lost time
Evaluates performance trends
Promotes continuous improvement

Right now we are using the latest big data analytical methods to dissect 15 years of drilling data from across our worldwide fleet – more rigorously and with more insight than ever before.

Faster decision-making, better responses

This activity has enabled us to target improvements and reveal previously unknown correlations. We have been able to extrapolate learnings based on hard evidence. The ability to join up data silos has given us insight into where bottlenecks are present and where efficiencies can be made.

This is all part of our drive to further reduce invisible lost time across our clients’ operations and enhance drilling performance.

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+veDRILL™ Insight

can analyse your operational data to reach best in class drilling performance

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